Ms. Dada and Ms. Hadeel are delighted to be part of this exciting journey with our 4th graders this year!

We, in Grade 4, are true IB learners. We demonstrate the IB learner profile attributes daily and we thrive to let our talents shine!

Our Grade 4s are shining in their Arts Week celebration.

We started our Ancient Civilisation unit with an amazing and engaging trip to Al-Zubara Fort; one of a few forts that are still standing to tell about the history of Qatar.

We were lucky to have our tour guide prepare fun team-building games to keep us motivated and active in the lovely weather. We also had a chance to explore the fort and its different rooms, as well as  on our Maths measuring skills, as a provocation for the new Maths unit.

This trip was the best way to end the first term with adventure and knowledge!

The Grade 4s had an amazing time preparing for Qatar National Day celebrations. Students learned interesting facts about Qatar’s past and present and created posters during Qatar History class this term.

We had a great time learning more about Qatar’s history, its major cities and Emirs who ruled it over the years. We worked with our reading buddies -Grade 2s- and had an amazing afternoon followed by some lovely shows and performances.

We hope that you enjoyed celebrating this special day with us as much as we did.


Dear friends,

thank you very much for coming to our Science fair on Wednesday 5th. We celebrated our learning by showcasing what we had learned about the Scientific Method and by presenting the outcomes of our experiments. It was a lot of fun! Congratulations to all the students for their hard work and dedication. Here are some photos from the Science Fair.

We are great artists, aren’t we?

In grade 4, we expressed ourselves through music and visual arts. Throughout the week, we got inspired by two famous artists, Paul Klee and Keith Haring, and created our own painting based on their work and style.

Our amazing grade 4s were also motivated to bring their own art work from home to display on our bulletin board. Moreover, some of the students shared their music talents with the rest of the class.

We sang a song “Light a Candle for Peace” in different harmonies. We also used stencils that we had made in Arts class, in order to create a mural that represents our views on Peace around us.

Thanks to all the parents who joined us and helped us celebrate Arts Week in peace!

Grade 4s have had a great start this year. We have been working together in order to foster our team-building skills. We have shown to be caring and open-minded by giving a warm welcome to the new comers into grade 4.

Throughout these few weeks, we have tuned into the investigation about Conflict Resolution which is our first inquiry unit this year. We have worked on our similarities and differences in an activity called “It is a jungle out there”, where each student chose an animal they can relate to and described their choice then reflected on how they can relate to that in their personal lives. We had various discussions about important words, like PROSPECTIVE, OPINION, DIFFERENCES, OPEN-MINDEDNESS, etc… and leaned about bullying and its effects.

This unit has been filled with exciting activities and interactions. We have been consolidating our understanding of our lines of inquiry and reflecting on what peace means to us and how it affects us personally.

In Art class, we produced beautiful stencils in which we dug deep into our feelings and translated those feeling into drawings and words. These were used to create our mural wall during Arts Week!

We would like to thank all the parents who took time to come and support our amazing Pearls and Zubara Guardians during their Student-Led Conference (SLC).

Grade 4 prepared a unique SLC, in which parents had a chance to participate in Maths, Unit and Language activities that their child had chosen as their favourite.

We appreciate your attendance and we hope that you enjoyed that busy day with us.

Our Book Week was nothing less than AMAZING…

Grade 4 students enjoyed numerous reading activities throughout the entire week. They started writing our own modernized fairy tales, worked on their book covers, enjoyed the book fair, and guessed several mysterious readers who helped them make this week even more exciting.

Thanks to all our wonderful parents who joined our classes and read to students in different languages. Your support is always appreciated.

The most exciting news was that our grade 4 students practiced being book warms and worked hard to achieve their reading goals on their Readathon charts.

To end this week, we had an interesting Book Parade where students ‘and teachers’ dressed up in their favorite book characters.

We are already looking forward to next year’s Book Week activities.


this has been a very busy end of the term but a lot of fun.

After our Science fair, we inquired about the Solar system, we learned about the Moon and its phases, the Earth’s movement and constellations. We also measured the Earth’s gravity in the MYP lab, watched interesting films about the space in the DOME and created our Mars robots using LEGO WE DO 2.0.

Moreover, we fostered our writing and ICT skills when creating our own planets, poems and writing pieces about our trip to space or comics about the encounter with aliens (using PIXTON) and videos answering our inquiry questions (using PowToon).

We also enjoyed the ARTS NIGHT when we were dancing to a medley of songs from the past.

It has been a wonderful experiences so thank you for sharing it with us.

Here are some photos of our work during this term.

We are looking forward to the next one.


Grade 4s did a wonderful job in their Science Fair last week. They all worked tremendously hard throughout the whole process. They chose the topics and completed their research. They showed great independence when working on their posters and preparing their presentations.

Well done grade 4. You rocked it!


SEK Sports Day yesterday was a huge success! Students participated in a series of interactive games that took part in an amazing and fun-filled atmosphere. We would like to congratulate all the teams for putting their best efforts forward and cheering up for their friends and classmates despite their house teams.

Thanks to all the parents who joined us and supported our young athletes. Your attendance is always appreciated.